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No-BS Jobs in our Organization

All Jobs are Remote
(work from anywhere you want, flexible schedule, just get out the results)
All Jobs are Open Worldwide
(except Russia, North Korea, Iran, and other comprehensively sanctioned countries)
All Jobs are Result-focused
(no useless meetings, no appearance-creating activities, focus ONLY on production output)
Business Owner Personally Watches
(this is a small boutique owner-managed organization with very high standards of quality and tight enforcement)
All Jobs are Very Difficult and Challenging
(you will likely work harder than ever, and learn more than in any job before that)
Promotion for Results
(if you produce results exceptionally well and at a high rate, you will be promoted and your pay will be gradually increased at a substantial rate)
Expulsion for Non-Results
(we are unable to carry deadweight, 
if you don't produce results you will be summarily fired)
Open Positions

About Jobs at Elite Software Automation

Elite Software Automation is a boutique consulting and technology firm focused on delivering the most incredible innovation to help our clients achieve very strong results in their business.

This is a very difficult endeavor and requires not only a very specific skill set, but also a very tough mindset and attitude. There is no way for us to run our organization without a strong commitment to discipline, hard work, and dedication to overcoming whatever difficulties may come.

In order for us to get extraordinary results to our clients, we need to put in extraordinary work, and we have built our organization with individuals who not only tolerate, but actually enjoy the difficult challenges we solve, and appreciate the no-nonsense production focused working environment. Just like only a small proportion of individuals have the right match of capabilities and mindset to serve in elite military units, our organization is only a fit for a very particular kind of people.

We service elite clients. Our clients expect results. Our clients became wildly successful due to their ability to sacrifice short-term comfort and pursue success at any cost. Considering the fact that our clients are elite, we expect our team members to possess similar disciplines, attitudes, and a ruthless will to to evolve into the best versions of themselves.

This is exactly why we have designed a hiring process that focuses on filtering and vetting in only the strongest, most capable, and toughest individuals that possess not only the strongest skills needed for the job, but also the right attitude needed to overcome problems and deliver the innovative solutions we deliver. Over the years we have had over 25,000 candidates go through our process, and our process has successfully selected the strongest and most capable people among them. For the people who make it through and actually succeed on the job, we focus on providing exceptionally growth-focused opportunities, paying above market average and providing substantial and consistent pay raises well beyond their starting pay.

We have recently been made aware of a large amount of social media attention to our organization's hiring process, sparked by an out-of-context screenshot of a rejection email received by one of the candidates in the hiring process. A large amount of Reddit users have criticized the refusal of our company to accept any excuses from candidates who fail our online test.

Excuses are something that is of no value to the world. You cannot take excuses and deposit them in the bank. You cannot take excuses and serve them to a client. There is nothing useful you can do with excuses. If you were our client and hired us to help you with your business, you wouldn't want us to produce you excuses, instead you'd want us to produce results. As such, we make it very clear from the beginning that we do not and cannot tolerate excuses from anyone early on in our hiring process.

Our online test is an on-demand self-service test that a candidate can take at any time. They aren't required to take it at any specific time, and can take at their best convenience. That is why we do not accept any excuses for failing it and do not grant retakes. The candidate can do whatever is in their power to plan their test taking in a way that will prevent them from being affected by any personal circumstances that may prevent. If the candidate is not feeling well on a particular day, the candidate won't have to take it on that day, they can take it later. If the candidate is in a place with unreliable internet, the candidate can go to a place with reliable internet and do it there. When we get any such excuses, it is clear to us that the candidate is either incapable of self-management, or the excuse is made up. As such, we do not accept these excuses, and we do not accept people who make them.

We also do not accept duplicate applications from people, and strongly advise them of that, in part to avoid wasting any more of their time. We value time and do not want to lead anyone into a deception thinking that they can spend time reapplying and somehow benefit from it. That is why we make it very clear that upon being rejected, one will have to wait 2 years to reapply. Any fraudulent retakes using alias names do in fact lead to a permanent blacklisting of the violator and we have very good technologies in place to detect violations of our hiring process integrity.

We will continue to produce greatness by running our business and running our hiring process as we always have, and we will continue delivering exceptional results to our clients with our incredibly strong team.

Be Great and Enjoy The Day!

Team at Elite Software Automation

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