There is a reason why the world’s most profitable companies automated almost every part of their business…

Picture this:

  • Your business runs efficiently, and consistently delivers its services or products with very little wasteon time, and at a high quality.
  • Your clients are not only satisfied, but they are certain they never want to leave you because they know they can rely on you to get consistently good service and experience.
  • Your sales operation is highly efficient and converts prospects extremely well with smooth process and relevant, timely, and consistent followup – the same applies to re-engaging past and existing customers for more business.
  • Your employees focus on doing things that actually require their expert engagement, and they are held to a high standard with effective measuring systems and work in an organized structure.
  • You need fewer employees despite getting more done.
  • You have high profit margins and you no longer have to micromanage the operation – so you literally make money as you sleep – all thanks to your incredible efficiency.

Sounds like a dream too-good-to-be-true?

Sounds like something only very large highly established companies can afford?

Sounds like something that will take endless hard work to accomplish?

Well – actually, there is a way to achieve that for your business without multi-million investments and without years of trial and error.

Fundamentally, you can accomplish this by correctly applying two things in your business:

  • Automation
  • Effective and Coherent Business Processes

Why Automation?

  • Because automation always works as designed – if it has been created properly, it will always execute the process correctly for the applicable situation without error, no matter how many times it does that, it won’t get distracted, it won’t get confused, and it won’t forget the details.
  • Because automation is tireless and has no limit to repeating itself – outside of negligible increases in computing costs (teeny-tiny fractions of cents per operation) there is literally no extra cost to repeating more of the same operations with an automated system, you don’t have to hire extra people, you don’t have to deal with their extra problems.
  • Because automation can eliminate work – collecting and processing information, generating communications or documents, following up with prospects, customers, vendors, and any other parties, making decisions based on predefined rules or any other repetitive work that could be defined with structured logic – all of this administrative work can be entirely automated away and carried out instantly and reliably by software with no error.
  • Because automation can streamline work that it can’t eliminate – work that actually requires human input, for example expert assessments and decisions, customer relationship engagement and personal servicemanagement decisions of high significance – while these are undoubtably requiring of quality human engagement and cannot be automated away, automation can be of great help in these tasks – as in practice, these tasks usually are also accompanied by the need to find and sort through information and then upon having made the decisions require a lot of work to initiate the appropriate following actions, so there is a lot of admin work that has to be done outside of the actual expert work and that not only wastes a lot of time from the expert staff that are qualified to do higher value work but also creates risks for errors and miscommunication and confusion – automation can fix all that by automating the administrative parts of the work and presenting the experts with all the information conveniently arranged and allow a simple entry of dispositions and decisions and then automatically execute all the followup actions – not only will this save a lot of time of the expert staff and remove risk of admin error, it will also allow to accurately monitor and track what the expert staff are doing allowing for good measurement and monitoring making it much easier to enforce accountability.
  • Because automation has no personal agenda – properly constructed automation will be your most loyal soldier as well as your most ruthless officer defending your business interests at all times. Automation is incapable of lying, it can’t stealcan’t get lazy, can’t upset a customer because it is having a bad day – it operates by its predetermined logic that is engineered into it and you can be certain it will never step away from it. Any operation that happens in an automated system, including any human interaction with it, can be tracked and thoroughly logged in a tamper-proof way. Anytime you rely on humans to do something, you are at mercy of their agenda and while some people have good worth ethic and value the long term relationship, many are not, and choose their laziness over their long term relationship with you, or worse engage in destructive conduct for either personal enrichment or emotional gain or both. When you automate away some business operations, this problem will disappear entirely. But even when you can’t fully automate something but have automation organize and manage the processes around the expert tasks (see above), you end up having very good tracking and trail of what happened, so if any of your experts start engaging in idle or damaging conduct, it will be very easy to catch thanks to the data that your automation will gather and take appropriate management action, and once the word gets out to your staff that you’re watching things tightly, most people will get the message and won’t mess around.

Making your business a reliable machine is easiest with automation, as even if you have good organizational practices and procedures, if you’ll have to rely on humans to execute them, it will get drastically more expensive and difficult to control as you 2x, 5x, and 10x your volumes. And with how labor markets are looking right now along with the declining cultural standards of work discipline, the prospect of having to hire more and more people looks even more grim.

But automation solves this problem for you – if your business machine is largely automated then you’ll only need to have people for things that actually require human action due to the expertise or the human touch present in them. So you can go 10x in volume and only need 2x the people – but even where you do need the people, you’ll have much easier time managing them with automation organizing everything around them, and they will have an easier time doing their actual jobs.

This will be a true machine, discharging profit into your bank account in a fully-automatic manner.

Your Business Processes will need to improve too…

But you can’t get get there with automation alone. You’ll need to also get your business processes reorganized and cleaned up to ensure your success.

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